What do you carry in your purse? Is this a weird question I feel like it's really weird sorry

just went through it right now and i have my wallet, a disposable camera, 4 mints and a ginger candy, lipbalm, avocado handcream, vit e, my keychain+keys, 2 pens, my friends ipod, a pokemon card, some rings and a simpsons hand sanitizer haha

How is your skin so perfect? You are beautiful I could just die

it’s totally not trust me i have my bad days for sure haha and eep thank u so much

Are you vegetarian or vegan? If so, what led you to this choice? Do you ever cheat and eat non-vegetarian/vegan sometimes?

vegetarian but i do have vegan days quite often! i’ve always been an animal lover and i just did not feel right eating another living being the thought of it repulsed me and i am so glad it did haha x and no i do not cheat

What type of photo apps do you use for your pictures on Instagram and on here? They are so rad!

i edit on my laptop in lightroom & iphoto and on my ipad/phone i use instashake, diptic, afterlight, pixlrexpress+ and pixfx!

First of all, thank you for being such an inspiration and the raddest person ever! Second, I was wondering if you would maybe share your skin care routine and products? My skin has been absolutely horrible for a long time, but has recently gotten SO much better and I was hoping for some inspiration in the skin care department :) Take care xx

erggh i have been having the worst luck with my skin and blemishes but i like to use raw organic honey on my skin and you should look into having apple cider vinegar into your diet i know it helps tons of people! thank u so much for ur words

you probably get this a shit ton but your tattoos are seriously the raddest, loveliest, most creative and individualistic looking tattoos ever. I love minimalistic tattoos, yours are so spot on and fit your body and it almost seems like you put a whole lot of thought into where to put them (in a good way) and I feel like you have a lot of meaning behind them all. idk I just can't get over it. if I were to ever get tattoos, you are my inspiration for sure

holyyy moly me o my! thank you so much :))) u r special to me xoxox

i just finished going through your blog & i just want to tell you that you are a beautiful woman. Your photos and your photography have so much passion behind them. I hope your heart has heeled and if it hasn't quite yet, i hope there are days where it feels whole again. have a beautiful day, wherever in this earth it is that you stay (:

thank u so much for these words i want to rip you out of my computer screen and squeeze the hell out of u haha

I have a tattoo on my rib which says 'for those I love I would sacrifice' and I really really want more. I was thinking about an arrow under my boob which is where you have one. But I'm unsure if it will look weird and look as if it is pointing to my other tattoo. I really need some help :( where else could I have a small arrow?:(

i think it would be sweet if it pointed to the other tattoo! if not you could put it under your other boob? or have it face the other way maybe? you could basically put a small arrow anywhere on your body haha